Sparks Book Cover
What would you do if the Fae took over your town?

Fateh's life was as ordinary as it could be with the Fae. He deals with Tabor, an annoying but familiar presence. The fact that he's one of the Fae complicates things.

Is he a friend or an enemy?

He plots with his friends Meira and Tobias to find the best way to survive. Either learn to live with the Fae or get rid of them altogether.

His friends want to overthrow the Fae. But what consequences will Fateh face if he helps? He has a difficult decision to make and when tragedy strikes, will everything go up in smoke? "

Trapped in an unfamiliar world, Fateh will have to decide which is more important-- his humanity or his survival.

Broken Clocks Book Cover

Sean lived a privileged life; his older sister was more wild than good manners dictated, his father was never home and his mother was a money-hungry social climbing harpy. Still, he was satisfied with what he had ... until the day the clocks ran backwards and everything fell apart