Iron Bound Flames

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Iron Bound Flames by Melanie K. Moschella
– Review

Iron Bound Flames starts off with a bang; there is excitement right away. The book draws you in right away with the level of action. Meera is witness to a raek – a dragon like creature – being captured and brought to the palace, where she works.

Meera is an interesting protagonist; she works in the palace kitchens voluntarily, having chosen the profession to keep herself busy and entertained, surrounded by people. Her kingdom is at war with a neighboring kingdom and her father was called away to fight.

Meera quickly bonds with the raek, helping care for its wounds and striking up a conversation with it. She draws the attention of the king, who recruits her for more than just tending the raek.

I enjoyed this book, it was a little slow at times and the scenes between Meera and the king seemed wholly unnecessary, but I enjoyed her spunky nature and willingness to help those that needed it the most.

Meera is unwittingly drawn into intrigue, but this also seemed like a random plot line. I hoped that this would be developed more, because it was truly interesting.

I hope that the book will continue into more books so we can learn more about the war, the knell-people with magic-and the lands that surround the palace and Meera’s ordinary life.

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